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Frequently Asked Questions


1. I have never used respite before and am nervous about my child being cared for by someone else.

faq2Feeling nervous and uneasy about using respite is normal, particularly if you do not know the person who is taking care of your child.

I like to initially meet with families to discuss their respite needs, find out more about the child/young person such as their likes/dislikes and to see whether I am the right match for the child and/or young person.

Meeting with families provides good opportunity to address any fears/reservations they may have about respite.


2. Do you take children on respite out in the community?

Respite care and support is primarily provided in the community. Children and young people may wish to participate in a range of social, sport and/or recreational activities of their choice. If the child or young person prefers to stay in the comfort of their own home that is fine also.


3. Do you have experience?

I have worked for many years with children, young people and adults diagnosed with varying disabilities which include; Autism, Cerebal palsy, Angelman syndrome, intellectual disability, Downs syndrome, etc.


4. Are you a registered provider with NDIA?

Currently I am registered to provide therapeutic support through the NDIA to children and young people. I am presently working toward accreditation as a respite care provider. 

Families that wish to utilise my service can do so however they must manage their own funding until such time that I become a registered respite care provider with NDIA.


5. My child takes regular medication, is this a problem?

Many children I care for take regular medication which I administer. Medications must be clearly labelled with the child/young person’s name and the required dosage amount that is to be given.


6. How do I pay for your service?

faq3Families that receive funding may choose to utilise my service and use their funding to pay for respite care.

Families eligible through the NDIA and who self manage their funds pay me directly.

Other families pay privately for my service.


7. My child can be challenging in their behaviour.

Care may be provided even if a child or young person presents with challenging behaviour. If the behaviour is deemed unsafe and/or poses a threat to the individual or the community, a safety plan/behaviour management plan may be developed. Care and support may only be provided in the home and/or with the presence of a second carer. 


8. My child isn’t toilet trained, is this an issue?

This is not an issue at all. Many of the children I care for are not toilet trained and require nappy changes and/or assistance with toileting.


9. Are you insured?

Yes, I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover, and my car insurance covers the transport of children as part of my business.


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