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Respite Services for Geelong children


Community based respite

Respite care is provided in the community with an emphasis on having fun, learning a new skill and/or accessing sport and recreational activities.

Some activities that have been enjoyed include; mini golf, movies, ten pen bowling, cooking, visiting the zoo, fishing, swimming, Collingwood Animal Farm.

The choice is yours!


Overnight care

overnightOvernight respite care can be provided in our own home or in the comfort of your home. 

Please note: Overnight respite care in our family home may not be suitable for children with high support needs or those who suffer pet allergies.

I welcome you to discuss your child’s needs prior to overnight care.

‘Many families are in desperate need of overnight respite care and with waiting lists for facility based respite ridiculously long, we have opened our home to ease this shortage and provide another option for Geelong families. Overnight respite care allows families to have a break from their caring role while their child is being cared for in a supported home environment and treated like another member of our family’.


In home respite

Respite care is provided in your own home and may include such activities as cooking, art and craft, play doh, scrapbooking.